Maxamyl® P enzyme-based processing solutions can help you increase both the processing efficiency and the nutritional profile of your end product. It degrades antinutrient phytic acid in your raw materials - in everything from soybeans to coffee to plant protein processing. Phytic acid is an ant-nutrient found in all grains and many other vegetal energy sources. Traditionally it has presented a real challenge in fermentation processing by making nutrients unavailable and reducing phosphate – as well as being a strong chelator. DSM's natural solutions for fermentation are based on a powerful phytase that eliminates phytic acid from your feedstock, increasing the amount of phosphate, and releasing both inositol (a nutrient), and metals into your solution. This in turn boosts your filtration capacity and improves quality – all while preventing fouling and mineral build up in downstream processes. Enjoy it all.


  • Hydrolyser

1 Trade grade

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