Eastman Optifilm™ additive OT1200 uniquely improves the application properties of your paint through improved workability and longer open time over a range of application conditions. OT1200 is a low VOC additive and does not negatively affect other key paint properties such as water resistance, wet adhesion, block resistance and stability. Because the impact of OT1200 is in the early stages of film formation, it will not affect dry time or recoat time of the paint. OT1200 can be substituted for volatile glycols, giving a substantial reduction in the VOC content while improving the application feel and workability of the paint. The additive helps meet a global need of architectural paint formulators to develop compliant solutions without compromising performance.


  • Key attributes:
  • Enables low VOC and low emission paints
  • Improves application properties through extended workability
  • Increase open time and wet edge over a range of conditions
  • Low VOC*
  • Maintains other paint performance
  • Non-HAP
  • Non-SARA
  • REACH compliant

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