Looking for natural solutions for color formulations? Gransperse is a line of 100% naturally derived pigment dispersions ideal for a variety of color applications; foundations, concealers, mascaras, lip, and color-correctors to name a few! GRANSPERSE materials can reduce production time, provide consistent reproducibility and more efficient color adjustment capability. Complementing GRANSENSE elastomer technologies, GRANSPERSE pigments can be directly added to the oil phase of formulations with no high shear required for color development. They are compatible with high and low polarity esters as well as naturally derived oils. To demonstrate the performance features and benefits, Grant Industries has dedicated a program that includes multiple applications and innovative formulations.


  • Natural formulations with global compliance.
  • Natural Origin Index according to ISO 16128-2;2017 is 1.
  • USDA Bio-preferred and COSMOS compliant.
  • Reduced production time (no grind time involved to develop and gain maximum pigment strength).
  • Consistent batch to batch quality and reproducibility.
  • Pourable viscosity with optimized high pigment concentration for high coverage applications.
  • Facilitate high loading levels of solids in formulations.
  • Dispersions are easy to incorporate with mixing and homogenizing.
  • Better mass tone to skin as in the case of foundation formulations.
  • Cost reduction (one less step in production – no need of Three Roll Mills).
  • Better color expression.

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