Belsil® is an extensive range of premium quality silicones intended specifically for personal care applications, and more especially for hair care, skin care, color cosmetics and deodorants. Belsil® products can be used to provide specific or multi-functional benefits, allowing you to develop formulations demonstratring both high efficacy performance and unique sensoriality. Belsil® products are developed and manufactured in the highest quality and with utmost care, ensuring that the formulations are highly efficient and reliable. For more sustainable & natural formulations, Wacker offers Belsil® eco range: a unique range of silicone ingredients consisted of bio-methanol obtained entirely from renewable raw materials, certified according to the “TÜV NORD Standard REDcert²” standard.


  • Multifunctional solutions able to provide various benefits & properties to your formulations: water resistance and SPF booster, long lasting and no transfer efficacy, improved spreading behavior and distribution, conditioning effect, easy styling, fast dry, hair and color protection, increased gloss & shine, rheology modifier, emulsifiers, dispersing agents, plasticizers for styling polymers
  • Unique sensorial experience (cushiony luxurious, silky, smooth, soft skin feel)

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