"INVISTA Dibasic Ester (DBE) is a high-boiling, oxygenated solvent that is used in avariety of applications. Its miscibility withmost organic solvents, solvency for a widerange of resins, low odor and non-flammability, makes it ideal for mostcleaning and coatings applications. DBEsare refined dimethyl esters of adipic,glutaric, and succinic acids. DBE and its fractions serve as a source ofthe acids in the formation of permanentdiester and polyester plasticizers. They canalso serve directly as fugitive plasticizers inflexible, thermoset polyester and otherresins. DBE and its fractions also serve aslow-cost “building blocks” for a wide varietyof polyesters and other polymers via thetransesterification reaction. DBE-2 andDBE-5 are used extensively in making wetstrength paper resins. Dimethyl succinate(DBE-4) is the starting material for dimethylsuccinylsuccinate an


  • provides excellent solvency
  • has a mild odor
  • is non-flammable
  • is readily biodegradable

1 Trade grade

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