AVALON® TPU grades enable casual, sport, leisure and professional footwear manufacturers to develop tough yet comfortable shoes in a variety of designs and colors. Also used as molded parts for industrial, transportation and consumer goods applications.


  • This range of transparent TPU grades is suitable for applications from sports plates to casual shoes, logos and other industrial molded parts. Demonstrating good transparency in higher thickness, AVALON® Crystal TPU grades are stabilized against premature color degradation from sunlight.
  • A portfolio of TPU grades where the emphasis is on performance. Widely used in soccer plates, top-pieces, stabilizers, in-line skate shells, outsoles and other industrial molded parts, AVALON® Perform products exhibit exceptional abrasion resistance and low temperature performance, are easy to process, and can provide long-term durability.
  • A range of soft, durable, injection moldable materials suitable for unit soles or for combining with polyurethane midsoles to produce hardwearing, dual density outsoles. AVALON® Soft TPU grades are also ideal for molding logos, inserts, decorative trims and other industrial molded parts.

1 Trade grade

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