IMCD Academy

Customized trainings for your needs
two people discussing machine solutions in a factory

At IMCD Nordic we go beyond the materials we hold and build strong relationships by offering our expertise and product know-how. Our experts have over 10 years of experience within R&D and knowledge from 24 different markets.

With our IMCD Academy we help our customers to innovate further and open New Frontiers by training and knowledge sharing. We offer on-site education within different topics that can be modified according to your needs.

Trainings we offer today are:


  • Plastic, Additive and Colour school training
  • Production Trouble shooting
  • Breaking down Sustainability, labels, materials, markets, and circularity
  • Plastics' role in society 

Plastic, Additive and Colour school training & Production Trouble shooting

We explore what colour is and how it works by performing colour tests and talking about colour through the CIELab system. L+/- Light and dark, a+/- Red and Green, b+/- Yellow and blue.

• Pigment properties and their importance in the development stage.
• General plastics training, properties and uses.
• Production issues and solutions such as flow lines, sink marks, chalked surface, migration and more.
• Quality control, measuring colour and making an accurate visual control.
• The process of extrusion and the building blocks of a masterbatch or compound.
Breaking down Sustainability, labels, materials, markets, and circularity
This topic has in recent years grown to become the nr 1 priority for most companies. Sustainability has long been an important focus area in the Nordics, now more relevant than ever.

This training focuses on decomplexifying sustainability, going through labels, materials, markets and circularity in a simple way.

• Is biobased always the best option? 
• The difference between mechanical and chemical recycling? 
• The difference between compostable and biodegradeable? 
• How can we transition to a circular economy?
Plastics' role in society
Why do we use plastic and what role does it have in our society today?

• What do we use plastic for and which materials did it replace?
• Which materials can you produce plastics with? 
• Discussing food waste, packaging, automotive, energy and more.

This easy-to-understand training is suitable for the plastic industry companies but also school classes and regular consumers.
"Plastics Colour training was very educative, extensive and fun. It has already affected our colour development work and communication in the organization. We are definitely interested in participating in future trainings as well."

Emma Q. Zhang
Senior Development Scientist, Delta of Sweden