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Industrial Solutions

At Industrial Solutions, we provide tailored chemical solutions to improve processes and bring our customers to the next level.

Focused expertise, focused solutions

Industrial Solutions provides commercial and technical expertise across four key areas of focus: chemical intermediates, environmental technologies, material technologies and processing technologies.


Uncover the sustainable priorities of industrial sectors

Our team has extensive knowledge of the unique challenges faced in industrial solutions.

Our experts build value through focused expertise to create opportunities that go beyond the possible.

As a global leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of specialty chemicals and ingredients, our team has a passion for excellence and extensive knowledge of the unique challenges across all aspects of industrial solutions.

Our dedicated industrial experts combine industry and market intelligence with a passion for collaboration, approaching each challenge with solutions that reflect quality, sustainability, and simplified processes.

IMCD Industrial Solutions brings industry-leading specialty solutions to every customer that spark success and drive their business forward.

At IMCD Industrial Solutions, our approach is different - not only because of our extensive market knowledge and technical expertise, but also the strong connections we have with our suppliers and customers.

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