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At IMCD Food & Nutrition, we are committed to solving your formulation challenges and creating healthy, convenient and sustainable solutions that are consumer trend-led and exceed all expectations.

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We are experts in the distribution of specialty food ingredients and flavours from the world’s leading manufacturers. We want to be the first in the market to anticipate and respond to the very latest consumer trends.

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Wherever we operate, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art application laboratories, market-specific pilot plants and regional Centres of Excellence.

Our team consists of highly skilled industry experts, with many boasting a wealth of experience gained as renowned innovators, formulators, contract manufacturers and speciality chemical producers. Alongside our strong pedigree in speciality chemical distribution, this enables us to work hand in hand with customers to find the solutions to their needs.

To make this a reality, our specialists build a deep understanding of your requirements and bring our own insights to the table through the in-depth analysis of local market data, as well as a deep understanding of recipes, applications and processes. We design formulations that will work in your local market, by drawing on our extensive portfolio of leading ingredients and flavours for your industrial food production needs. If you’re hungry for ideas, then our formulations and concepts will support you in developing innovative and delicious products.

If you have a question, contact us and find out how IMCD Food & Nutrition can deliver the best solution for your specific requirements.

Food & Nutrition

IMCD joining an exciting partnership with Sunbloom Proteins

Food & Nutrition

Cinnamon Bun day tradition with IMCD

Join us in celebration of the sweet tradition of Cinnamon Buns and how we adapt it to modern dietary demands

Whether you are looking to innovate, enhance the nutritional properties of an existing product, improve taste, modify texture, reduce cost, extend shelf life, or increase production efficiency, we have the ingredients and the expertise to overcome any formulation challenge.


Experience our Nordic Food & Nutrition expertise

Do you need help with ingredient selection or product development?  

We offer a full team of technical experts, an extensive ingredient portfolio, a fully equipped and staffed Food Laboratory, covering and understanding every inch of the Nordics. Our team is ready to help you with everything from ingredient selection, full recipe development and regulatory support. 

IMCD’s unique global network and close partnership with leading principals within taste, texture, nutrition and function enables us to develop innovative trend-based and consumer-relevant solutions along with great tasting products. Our global team of experts have deep technical knowledge in various segments, allowing us to help you in all different ways. 

Please contact us and get inspired by our team today!  

                              Katarina Jönsson Business Unit Manager, Food and Nutrition IMCD Nordics
“With our fantastic portfolio and team of technically skilled experts we have all the tools needed to support our region with the latest in trend-based solutions.”

Katarina Jönsson

Business Unit Manager, Food & Nutrition Nordics

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